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Services by Innoport

  • Personal phone numbers
  • Designate towards voice and fax use, voice only or fax only
  • Simultaneous call acceptance to avoid busy signals
  • Full control on changing settings
  • Delivery in common file formats
  • No software to install
  • Functions on any standard OS platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • 365/24/7 monitoring
With Innoport hosted unified communications, members enjoy the convenience of holding a virtual telephone number for fax and/or voicemail to email or a complete virtual phone system (Hosted PBX) with multiple mailboxes and extensions. Innoport offers personal toll free and local phone numbers that serve as both a voice and fax number (with automatic voice or fax detection) or may be designated for use as just one or the other. Use your number purely for messaging or enable call routing for forwarding calls to reach you no matter where you are. You can also establish a virtual phone system (PBX) to transfer callers to different extensions.

When a sender transmits a fax or leaves a voicemail to your number, you receive the message in your email account. You can specify any email address for delivery and for each phone number, you may even assign up to four email accounts for simultaneous message distribution. Additional options also include checking voicemail over the phone and sending faxes from the web or email.

Customers with corporate needs such as fax and voicemail delivery via FTP, secure encrypted fax / voicemail delivery, encrypted email to fax, secure fax API, and call queuing (Hosted ACD) can find Innoport to be a trusted, reliable and robust platform for furthering their business goals. You an also add or remove virtual phone numbers, on-demand and instantly, allowing you to manage your growth or slow periods with ease. With secure instant messaging, Innoport customers can communicate with their colleagues and associates in a secure environment from anywhere on the web with no software downloads.

Innoport services create a truly ubiquitous solution that adds value and efficiency to your personal, professional and corporate lifestyle. We are on a mission to create the most powerful hosted unified communications service, so join us as have thousands of others, and benefit from the productivity gains and cost reduction offered by Innoport services.