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Telephone Number Porting by Innoport

Please follow the steps below if you are interested in porting your telephone numbers in to Innoport service:

  1. Contact us to inquire whether your specific telephone number(s) can be ported in to Innoport service.

  2. If your telephone number(s) can be ported in to the Innoport service, then please sign up for Innoport service with the same type and quantity of telephone number(s) as you intend to port in. Innoport assigns randomly chosen numbers to your account when you sign up, which will serve as a temporary place holder during the period your telephone numbers are being ported in.

  3. Submit accurate and complete paperwork to initiate port in.

Normal timeframe for porting in telephone numbers is 2 - 4 weeks but the actual time will depend on all the parties involved in the porting process and the accuracy of the paperwork submitted.

There is currently no porting fee to port in telephone numbers to Innoport.

Valid port outs are subject to a $35 per telephone number fee.