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Jump Start Standard Corporate
+Administrator account gives you full control
  • manage billing
  • oversee activity for all individual user accounts
  • configure settings for individual user accounts
  • configure company-wide or individual FTP settings
  • manage auto-attendant schedule
  • assign and re-assign phone numbers to different users
  • add additional phone numbers
  • manage instant messaging settings
+Personal telephone numbers for voice and fax use
toll-free & local area codes
(max. 2)
toll-free & local area codes
(no limit)
  • dedicate each number to serve as a voice line only, fax line only, or as a voice & fax line
  • numbers may be designated as auto-attendant numbers or as mailbox extensions from an auto-attendant number
  • concurrent call acceptance to prevent busy signals
  • no software to install
  • works with any internet connection
  • no additional hardware or telephone lines necessary
  • individual user account for each phone number
  • block calls from particular numbers, entire area codes, area codes plus exchanges or calls in which the caller ID is unavailable
  • message handling rules to manage messages with actions that automatically process prior to delivery of messages
  • receive voice mails that are up to 60 minutes long
+ Associate accounts for extensions and more
max. 5 no limit
  • individual user account with no phone number
  • additional voice mailbox extensions for creating a virtual phone system
  • secure instant messaging client user
  • call routing preferences for setting up call forwarding or find me/follow me
  • outbound faxing capabilities
+Encrypted email delivery of fax/voicemail (SMTP over TLS)
  • secure SMTP over TLS for encrypted email delivery of fax/voicemail messages
Voice services
+Receive voicemails in email
  • delivery as audio file in WAV format
  • designate up to 4 email accounts for simultaneous delivery
  • caller ID displayed in subject header when available
  • get voicemails that are up to 4 mins long in your email
  • choose between standard or enhanced dictation mode voicemail
+Receive voicemails via FTP
  • select between standard and secure FTP (FTP with SSL or SSH/FTP) protocols
  • delivery as audio file in WAV format
  • establish FTP settings on a corporate-wide level or based on individual user accounts
  • get voice mails that are up to 60 mins long via FTP/FTPS
+Personalize voicemail greeting
  • 15 minutes maximum
+Access voicemails by phone
  • last 30 days of messages stored
  • archive messages for permanent storage (1MB limit)
  • caller ID announced when available
  • time/date stamp
+Advanced auto-attendant
  • multiple voice mailboxes for a single number
  • hosted PBX for transferring calls to different extensions
  • specify extensions between 2 and 9 digits in length for each mailbox
  • set up introductions with menu options for reaching different departments or persons
  • record introductions by phone, upload audio files or generate introductions using a natural sounding synthesized voice
  • set introductions based on day and time spans for different greetings during business hours and after-hours
  • enable Directory Assistance so callers may look up extensions by name or listen to a listing of all extensions
  • create distribution group voice mailboxes to broadcast announcements to all mailbox extensions assigned as group members
  • secure your announcements or calls with Calling Party Access Code
+Forward calls using find me/follow me
  • route calls coming into an Innoport phone number or extension
  • forward all calls to a specified phone number
  • ring any combination of phone numbers sequentially until call is picked up (e.g. (1) office; (2) mobile; (3) home)
  • receive the caller ID of the originating number
  • upload your own hold music to be used while calls are routed
  • set different call sequences based on day and time spans
  • specify number of seconds before skipping to the next phone number
  • screen calls by prompting callers to announce themselves
  • know which menu option has been selected to properly greet callers
  • place callers on hold
  • transfer callers to another mailbox extension or phone number
  • unanswered calls return to Innoport voicemail
  • use Innoport phone number to mask all other phone numbers
+Call In Dictation / Phone Dictation
  • Caller uses phone's keypad as controls.
  • Upto 60 minutes of audio recording.
+Call Queuing - Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Have your callers wait on hold for the next available agent.
  • Intelligent skill based routing - route your calls to your most experienced agents.
  • Configure different queues per auto-attendant prompt. Agents can be members of multiple queues, for example, customer service and support
  • Agents check in and check out online - your agents may check in a queue to be assigned a call and check out once they are done.
  • Auto-Check out - configure ACD to auto-checkout an agent that does not answer calls in a timely fashion.
Fax services
+Receive faxes in email
  • delivery as image file in PDF or TIF format
  • designate up to 4 email accounts for simultaneous delivery
  • caller ID and remote Fax ID displayed in subject header when available
  • enable embedded fax to preview first page within email body
  • spam filtering removes majority of "junk" faxes
+Receive faxes via FTP
  • select between standard and secure FTP (FTP with SSL or SSH/FTP) protocols
  • delivery as image file in PDF or TIF format
  • establish FTP settings on a corporate-wide level or based on individual user accounts
+Receive encrypted faxes
  • 40 or 128 bit PDF encryption
  • password protected faxes
+Access fax headers by phone
  • last 30 days of messages stored
  • archive messages for permanent storage (1MB limit)
  • caller ID and remote Fax ID announced when available
  • time/date stamp
+Send faxes
  • worldwide fax sending from email, via the web, or from applications
  • send to one or multiple recipients at once
  • various file formats supported (.bmp, .doc, .docx, .gif, .htm, .html, .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .tif, .tiff, .txt, .xls, .xlsx )
  • fax preview displayed for confirmation
  • set up as many individual user accounts for fax sending as necessary
+Broadcast faxing
  • list management tool for storing fax numbers
  • upload text file to serve as fax recipient list
  • mail merge with fax document in .doc (MS Word) format and data source in .xls (MS Excel) format
  • three attempts to busy and unanswered calls
  • report displaying successful, unsuccessful, busy, and unanswered fax numbers
  • exclusion list for storing opt-out and undeliverable fax numbers
+Faxing Automation via OCR (requires optional Add-on)
  • OCR processing used to capture data entered on a standardized fax cover sheet and triggers user-defined actions to automate document handling and delivery
  • example end results include customized file naming and document delivery to an email address specified by the fax sender
  • Automatically generate the OCR cover sheet using the FAX OCR cover sheet API
+Fax Forwarding
  • Automatically forward incoming faxes to up to 3 fax numbers
SMS / Text Messaging††
+Two-way text messaging
  • Desktop based two-way text messaging
  • Manage multiple conversations easily
  • Multiple users can subscribe to a single SMS number
  • Administrative control on assigning subscribers to a SMS number
Instant Messaging services
+Communicate via instant messaging
  • SSL encrypted instant messaging
  • Communicate with multiple individuals in a multi-tab interface
  • Receive instant notifications of received fax or voicemail
  • Administrator control of which user accounts use instant messaging
  • Administrator can make instant broadcast announcements
  • Available to all user accounts

†† Available for select U.S. local area codes only.

Available local area codes:

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The Innoport Business Plans offer consolidated billing and allows for managing multiple numbers under a single account. With these service plans, you will receive an administrator account for handling the billing as well as for ordering, assigning, and re-assigning Innoport numbers. The Innoport Business Plans may be opened with local numbers, toll-free numbers, economy numbers (267 area code only) or with any combination of these numbers for receiving faxes and voicemails in up to four email accounts per number. Individual users of the business plans may access account information for his/her own Innoport number in order to send faxes, change setting preferences, store contacts and calendar events, or view transactions. Additional accounts may be created for individual users to send faxes and store contacts and calendar events.