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SMS / Text Messaging

Business Text Messaging Service from Innoport ushers in a new era of two-way business text messaging. Businesses need an easy approach to send and receive SMS / text messages without the need of a mobile number or a mobile device. Innoport solves that problem by providing virtual telephone numbers that act as virtual mobile telephone numbers that can send and receive SMS / text messages from the comfort of your desktop.

The unique offering from Innoport SMS / text messaging service provides the following features:

  • Two-way text messaging without a mobile device.
  • Easy to use web based text messaging.
  • Peace of mind as text messages stay within the Innoport cloud than on a mobile device.
  • Manage conversations with various stakeholders in a single stream format.
  • Designed from the ground up for the business environment, a key benefit is that multiple subscribers can manage the send and receive queue of a telephone number (offered in Jump Start and Standard Corporate service plans).

Business Use Cases for SMS / Text Messaging:

  • Provide exceptional customer support.
  • Manage sales inquiries.
  • Manage employee communications - late arrivals, absences, sick notifications.
  • Send reminders and alerts to customers.
  • Set up separate SMS / texting numbers by departments.

Innoport SMS / text messaging service is available on select U.S. local area codes. Innoport SMS service cannot be used for sending advertisements or promotional texts. Sending unsolicited text messages through our service is strictly prohibited. Each Innoport customer is solely responsible for managing opt-in and opt-out requests for SMS / text messaging through their Innoport service.