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Recurring Fees

Omni Toll-Free
Personal phone number Local
area code
U.S. & Canada
Monthly service fee $7.95
1st mo. FREE
No fee
Minimum monthly spend N/A $7.95
Usage Charges (per minute)

Omni Toll-Free
Monthly inbound minute allowance 300 none
Inbound rate above allowance $0.04 $0.06
Outbound rate for fax sending

Available local area codes:

No activation or set-up fees and no term commitments apply.

Inbound minutes pertain to all calls connected to an Innoport number. Toll-free numbers do not have any minute allowances.

"N/A" next to a line item in the chart indicates that the feature is not included or the charge does not pertain for the particular plan.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

All SMS messages included, whether as Base or Overage, expire at the end of each billing cycle.

Marquee and Quantum plans are no longer offered. Existing Marquee and Quantum customers can view the pricing details here

Broadcast Fax

A broadcast fax transaction with a minimum of 500 successfully delivered fax pages to U.S. and Canada fax numbers is automatically entitled to the bulk fax rate of $0.04 per minute within the U.S. and Canada. Pages to fax numbers that are unsuccessful, busy, or unanswered will be excluded from the count. Fax broadcast transactions which meet the 500 successfully delivered fax pages minimum will be billed in 30 second increments with a 60 second minimum.

SMS Add-on

Two way, desktop based text messaging service available for select Innoport numbers with U.S. local area codes only. Sending and receiving text messages is restricted to U.S. local area codes.

SMS Add-on
Monthly Fee SMS Messages Included
Inbound Free Unlimited ρ
Outbound - Base $5.00 500
Outbound - Overage (after Base is exhausted) $5.00 500

Overage fee applies once the Base SMS message allocation is depleted and each time thereafter when the Overage SMS message allocation is depleted.

ρ Subject to network performance, reasonable network transmission delays, traffic volumes, outages, technical limitations, carrier delivery restrictions, carrier transmission rate limitations, and other conditions that may affect delivery.

Healthcare Add-on

Customers using the Innoport service for transmission of any Protected Health Information under the U.S. HIPAA regulations must add the Healthcare Add-on, which offers the protections of an Intellicomm HIPAA business associate agreement.

Healthcare Add-on
Plan Monthly Fee
Omni $5.00
Toll-Free $5.00

Complementary options for your plan To order, contact Innoport Sales
Additional storage for archiving files (1 MB included) $5/month/50 MB

Fax sending is charged the applicable rate to the respective destination as listed in the outbound rate schedule. A bulk fax rate of $0.04 per minute within the U.S. and Canada will be applied towards fax broadcasts of 500 or more successfully delivered fax pages to U.S. and Canada fax numbers. All fax broadcast transactions which meet the 500 successfully delivered fax pages minimum are billed in 30 second increments with a 60 second minimum. All other transactions are billed in 60 second increments.

The monthly service fee for the Omni service plan is $7.95, starting on the activation date and payable in advance at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle. Omni service plan includes a monthly inbound call allowance of 300 minutes. Once your allowance is consumed, additional inbound calls will be assessed a per minute rate of $0.04.

No monthly service fee applies for the Toll-Free service plan, but a minimum monthly spend of $7.95 is required. If the usage (excluding surcharges, fees, fines, credits and any other charges not involving a time span) for your account is less than this amount in any given month, you will be assessed the difference between the usage you have incurred and $7.95 at the beginning of your next monthly billing cycle. Inbound calls to your toll-free number incur a per minute rate of $0.06. All toll-free calls which originate from payphones are subject to a surcharge of $0.60 per call. Please note that calls from Canada are subject to the same $0.06 per minute rate as the U.S.

When the sign up promotion is used for Omni service plan, a promotion credit equal to the first month's monthly service fee will be added to your account balance with new activation.

Our highly automated system randomly provisions numbers when an account is activated. Requests for a vanity or specific prefixed toll-free number are accepted, but please be advised that a one time $35.00 administrative fee applies for switching toll-free numbers and a 3 to 5 business day lead time generally ensues for securing the number. This timeframe may be shorter or longer and is dependent upon the number of other requests currently being processed. If you have a vanity toll-free number in mind or a combination of letters and numbers you wish to be present, please contact us with your request and we will check the number against the global database for availability. Please use the asterisk (*) symbol to represent a wildcard slot. For example, 8**-015-WORD would indicate your interest in the number 015-9673 preceded by any toll-free prefix.

In order to receive uninterrupted service, members must maintain account credit. To join these service plans, you will need to specify an Initial Deposit, an Auto-Increment Amount and an Auto-Increment Trigger Amount during sign-up. Your Initial Deposit is your starting account balance from which all monthly services fees and usage charges will be deducted. Once your balance falls below the Auto-Increment Trigger Amount that you have set, the Auto-Increment Amount specified will be charged to your credit card in order to replenish your account balance. This process ensures that your service will never become disrupted due to insufficient funds. Your Auto-Increment Amount and Auto-Increment Trigger Amount may be changed at anytime. If you decide to cancel service, you will be issued a refund of any remaining balance left in your account after all applicable charges have been withdrawn.

For a full explanation of the Billing Policy, please refer to the Innoport Terms of Service.