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Call In Dictation Service by Innoport

Call in dictation service from Innoport is one of the most convenient, secure, and affordable way of dictating worldwide. Cloud based call in dictation has never been this convenient. Simply dial your Innoport phone number and start dictating. With your phone's keypad serving as the controls to pause, rewind, forward, play when recording voicemails and the ability to have long voicemails, Innoport has quickly become indispensable for many who use it to record phone in dictations.

The recorded dictations are delivered as WAVE sound files that you can then transcribe, file, or archive depending on your business requirements. For users who want to have the dictations integrated into a server or transcribed by a third party, you can have them delivered to a remote FTP (FTP, SFTP or FTPS protocols supported) server or download them from the website.

Here are the highlights of the call in dictation service:

  • Easy To Use: Phone keypad is used as controls.
  • Long Recordings: Record up to 60 minutes for delivery via FTP/website download.
  • Secure Access: Access securely via the website or secure FTP.
  • Available worldwide: Call your Innoport telephone number from anywhere and start dictating.
  • Available 24/7: Dictate any time of day or night.
  • No Additional Equipment to buy: A telephone is all you need to start dictating and internet access to check dictations.
  • Designed for health care: Medical dictations for subsequent medical transcriptions can now be easily done over the phone without any investment in specialized hardware or software. See information below for HIPAA compliance.

Call in dictation feature is only available on Jump Start and Standard Corporate service plans.

Customers using the Innoport service for transmission of any Protected Health Information (PHI) under the U.S. HIPAA regulations must add the Healthcare Add-On (offered on both Personal and Business plans), which offers the protections of an Intellicomm HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA).

Please note that Innoport does not provide transcription services.

Even though Innoport provides several options for secure voice dictations services, it is the responsibility of each Innoport customer to ensure that the customer's particular data protection needs are met by configuring and/or using the appropriate security settings in the customer's Innoport account.