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Electronic Fax Service by Innoport

Electronic fax service from Innoport provides a personal fax number for users to receive faxes to their individual email account in PDF or TIF format, preserving the privacy of the document. For additional security, your staff can also choose to receive faxes as encrypted PDF fax documents. With simultaneous call acceptance to avoid busy signals, the electronic fax service is a far superior experience and solution from the traditional faxing using fax machines. The online portal provides around the clock access to advanced features and settings that are in your control, such as updating fax to email destinations, encryption settings and much more.
Fax to Email FTP/SFTP/FTPS Fax Delivery Email To Fax
Web Fax HTTPS Fax API Secure Fax Options
Routing options Choice of Numbers Instantly Add/Delete Numbers
Free Number Port In

Customers in industries that work with highly sensitive information would be glad to know the security options available:

  • Fax Encryption: Option to receive password protected fax using 128-bit PDF encryption.
  • Fax To FTP (secure Fax To FTPS and Fax to SFTP): Fax delivery using secure FTP over SSL and SSH.
  • Encrypted Email TLS: Send and receive faxes using encrypted email (SMTP over TLS).
  • Secure Website Access: Administer, retrieve, and send faxes from our secure website at
  • HTTPS Fax API: Use our robust, secure and high volume API to send out faxes from your web and stand alone applications.