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Virtual Receptionist Service by Innoport

Virtual receptionist service from Innoport carries out the responsibilities of a receptionist in an automated fashion. Don't let incoming calls be a dead giveaway to your size. Make your small business sound like a Fortune 500 company instantly with Innoport's virtual receptionist service.

Innoport's virtual receptionist service delivers an office phone system that will help build a more professional image for your business. When you subscribe to Innoport, you receive a dedicated toll-free or local area code telephone number to handle all your inbound calls. Set up an auto attendant on the number and design your own call scripts, all through online web administration. Create your own menu options (e.g., 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, etc.) or custom mailbox extensions for each employee. Each menu option and extension can be independently configured with find me/follow me schedules to forward callers through a routing sequence of up to 5 phone numbers. Numbers ring in turn until the call is picked up. Callers are sent to voicemail when no one picks up and during periods when no forwarding is turned on. Each mailbox greeting can be personalized. Voicemail messages are automatically delivered to your email as audio files, so you can conveniently listen to messages off of your computer. When you're on the go, you can always dial in and check messages.

Our leading edge virtual receptionist service is rich with advanced features, such as flexible greeting schedules for separate business and after hours virtual receptionists, speech recognition to accept spoken commands in addition to touchtone keys, find by name and full listing directory assistance, call screening to prompt callers to announce themselves, customizable music-on-hold and live extension transfer. Innoport's virtual receptionist service even offe rs synthesized speech, so you can type out your call script online and allow Innoport to read it to the caller through a natural-sounding artificial voice. This powerful feature helps small businesses mask their size. Another unique advantage that Innoport's virtual receptionist service gives to entrepreneurs and few people shops is the ability to detect which menu option a caller has selected before answering the call. With incoming call identifier enabled, you will hear which menu option the caller chose when you pick up the phone, so you can be prepared to put on your sales hat or to greet the caller with your customer service voice!

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