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Setup Virtual PBX Service by Innoport

Every small business dreams of instant success. The first step towards achieving this goal starts with the image you present. Show your customers that you're serious about your business. To be a big business, you need to think and act big! Let Innoport help you get there with a state-of-the-art virtual phone system that's easy to use and affordable.

Overcome the small business syndrome! Innoport Business service plans offer auto attendant, multiple mailbox extensions and find me / follow me capabilities for setting up a virtual PBX system that forwards calls directly to you. It's like having your own receptionist!

Virtual Office Solutions for:

  • Small to medium size enterprises (SME)
  • Small office / home office (SOHO) establishments
  • Small business owners
    & entrepreneurs
  • Remote or satellite offices
  • A geographically dispersed workforce
Virtual PBX service features:
  • Dedicated phone number
    Subscribe and obtain a local or toll-free number. Use for voice only or receive faxes to your email on the same number.
  • No busy signals
    Simultaneous call acceptance prevents callers from running into busy signals.
  • Auto attendant
    Create custom call scripts and schedule main greetings to play based on days and times (e.g., business hours, after hours).
  • Artificial greetings
    Record greetings by phone, upload audio files or type call scripts online to generate an artificial voice to read the greetings.
  • Speech recognition
    Enable callers to give voice responses. This also gives you hands-free capability in accessing voicemail messages.
  • Custom extensions
    Create mailbox extension numbers up to 9 digits in length.
  • Menu options
    Prompt callers to select from departments or persons (e.g., "1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 0 for a Receptionist...").
  • Music on hold
    Specify a custom audio file for callers to hear when placed on hold and while being transferred.
  • Directory assistance
    Enable find by name and/or full listing. Exclude individual extensions from the directory.
  • Find me / follow me
    Set up routing schedules on each extension to forward calls through phone number sequences (e.g., office, cell, home).
  • Universal voicemail
    Personalize greetings on each mailbox extension and pick up messages over the phone or listen to them on the computer.
  • Call screening
    Prompt callers to announce themselves. Choose to accept the call or to send directly to voicemail.
  • Incoming call identifier
    Find out the menu option a caller selected when picking up the call. Prepare to put on your sales hat or customer service voice.
  • Hold/retrieve
    Place callers on hold and retrieve the call off of hold through simple key commands.
  • Extension transferring
    Transfer calls to other extensions or to external telephone numbers altogether.