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An All-In-One Phone System and Real Estate Sales Tool!

One number for callers to reach real estate agents on the go and to get automated information on your property listings.

Sales tool for real estate brokers and agents

Subscribe to Innoport's hosted PBX service and receive a professional office phone system for your real estate agency that doubles as a 24/7 information hotline to market your pool of property listings. Great for lead generation and tracking advertising vehicles to determine if they're working for you. This solution includes one virtual number with auto attendant capabilities, enhanced call forwarding, voicemail to email and fax to email. Maximize your time while increasing your response time drastically. This solution pays for itself by earning just one commission you might ordinarily have missed out on!

Benefits of Innoport's hosted PBX for real estate professionals:

  • Showcase featured property listings;
  • Free recorded information available 24/7;
  • Assign extensions to match MLS numbers;
  • Track advertising effectiveness (sign rider, flyer, newspaper, etc.) by mirroring information on different mailbox extensions;
  • Capture the calling party's number - even for most blocked calls when you take a toll-free number;
  • Promote as a competitive advantage to attract more sellers to list with you;
  • Sound more professional with an auto attendant, directory assistance and music-on-hold;
  • Record announcements by phone, by uploading audio files, or by typing out calls scripts online to be read by a natural-sounding artificial voice;
  • Create routing sequences on extensions to forward calls to your office, cell, home or any other number;
  • Dial in to retrieve voicemail messages or listen to them off of your computer, PDA or smartphone;
  • Receive faxes in PDF or TIF format on the same number - view on your computer, PDA or smartphone;
  • Get homes sold quicker!

Service plans to consider:

  • Jump Start for low to moderate volume users <-- Sign up now for the Jump Start plan!
    Starting at $9.95/month for a toll-free or economy (267 area code) number; $14.90/month for a local number
    Includes 5 extensions and a monthly inbound allowance of 200 minutes
    view pricing details for this plan

  • Standard Corporate for high volume users <-- Sign up now for the Standard Corporate plan!
    Starting at $29.90/month for an economy (267 area code) number; $31.90/month for a toll-free or local number
    Includes first 15 extensions (additional extensions may be purchased) and a monthly inbound allowance of 750 minutes on a local or economy number
    view pricing details for this plan

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