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Best Online Fax Service by Innoport

Review and compare for yourself to see why we are the best online fax service!

The Internet is littered with fax service review and comparison sites with a direct conflict of interest - they are compensated by the very sites they review or choose to list. Would you trust your business to a biased opinion?

See for yourself why savvy, independent minded and informed customers choose Innoport and that includes some of the Fortune 500 companies, U.S. government agencies and thousands of small to mid sized businesses that aspire to one day become big. With nearly two decades of experience in fax services, Innoport has some of the most advanced features in the industry.

Click here for advanced fax features.

  • Email to Fax
    Send faxes from any email program.
  • Web Fax
    Send faxes from your Innoport account online.
  • Fax to Email
    Receive faxes in PDF, TIFF or encrypted PDF format.
  • Free Fax Number Port In
    Port your existing fax number in to Innoport with no port in fees.
  • No busy signal
    Receive multiple faxes at the same time on the same number.
  • No Software to install
    Send and receive faxes via your email or web browser.
  • Phone Support
    Talk to our highly skilled representatives if you have questions about our service.
  • No long term contract
    There are no long term commitments, cancel at any time.
  • Liberal Promotions
    We have one of the best promotions in the industry.
  • Plans start as low as $5.95 per month
    Start low and upgrade as and when needed.
  • Scale up or down on demand
    Add or remove numbers in real time.
  • Caller ID and remote fax ID
    Display the caller ID and remote fax ID in subject line of email.
  • Receive a fax in multiple emails
    Designate multiple emails to get a single fax.
  • Send notification to email(s) when fax received
    Great for notifying colleagues or getting an alert on mobile/cell phone.
  • Receive fax sent as attachment
    Receive a copy of the fax that you send in PDF format.
  • View Outbound Fax Usage Report
    Generate reports using Reference Code(s) or Recipient Fax # as search criteria.
  • First Page Preview
    Preview the first page of your faxes within the email body.
  • Spam filtering
    Block out majority of junk faxes.
  • Block numbers
    Create your own private blacklist to prevent receiving faxes from certain numbers.
  • International Fax
    Send and receive faxes internationally.
  • Toll Free Fax number
    Get a toll free fax number.
  • Vanity Fax number
    Request a specific fax number.
  • Local Fax number
    Choice of local area codes available.
  • Fax to multiple numbers
    Send faxes to multiple fax numbers.
  • Mobile phone support
    Send and receive faxes from your mobile mail client.
  • Fax Archive
    Archive fax messages for permanent storage.
  • Fax History
    Retrieve faxes up to 30 days from our secure Innoport website.
  • Resend Old Faxes
    Resend older faxes from your Innoport account.
  • Send out faxes in multiple Microsoft Office formats
    Send out faxes in.doc/.docx (MS Word) and xls/.xlsx (MS Excel) format.
  • Send out faxes in PDF
    Send out faxes in .PDF format.
  • Send out faxes in graphic formats
    Send out faxes in .bmp and .jpg format.
  • Re-try faxes
    Outgoing faxes are automatically re-tried up to 3 times for busy or unanswered faxes.
  • Status delivery notification
    Receive the deliver status notification (Success, failed or unanswered) in your email.
  • Web based address and contacts
    Create your own contact list of fax numbers.
  • Receive voice and faxes on the same number
    Customers have the options to receive voicemail in their email using the same fax number!

Advanced fax features

  • Outbound Fax API    Learn more>>
    Integrate our HTTPS fax API into your mission-critical web and stand-alone applications.
  • Fax to FTP
    Receive faxes via FTP.
  • Secure Fax: SMTP over TLS    Learn more>>
    Send and receive secure faxes using SMTP over TLS.
  • Secure Fax: Fax to Secure FTP    Learn more>>
    Receive secure faxes directly to your server via FTP over SSL or FTP over SSH.
  • Secure Fax: encrypted PDF    Learn more>>
    Receive faxes as encrypted PDF files in your email.
  • Secure Fax: Secure Website    Learn more>>
    Send and receive faxes using our SSL secure website.
  • OCR Fax Cover Sheet    Learn more>>
    Add optional data capture solution to automate document routing and file naming.
  • Fax OCR API    Learn more>>
    Generate custom OCR coversheet to automatically track and process incoming faxes.
  • Toll free fax acceptance
    Change Toll Free numbers to accept calls from U.S. or Canada or both, directly via the web site.
  • Fast Delivery of faxes
    Fast Delivery of faxes using sophisticated queuing.
  • Powerful Rule Manager
    Setup rules to append sender's information to the file name of the incoming faxes and allow the recipient to identify the username and/or phone number of the Innoport account for whom the message is intended. Great for automation.
  • Email to Fax Security Settings
    Setup High or Medium security settings for Email to Fax transactions.
  • Preview fax and cost in real time
    Web faxing with a preview and real-time cost estimate.
  • Fax Broadcast service
    Innoport offers fax broadcast services to send out multiple faxes at once.
  • Automatic Volume discounts    Learn more>>
    We offer automatic volume discounts.
  • Powerful associate accounts
    Our business plan fax numbers comes with associate accounts for sending email to fax sending, secure Instant messaging and extensions for our virtual phone system.
  • Fax Forwarding
    Automatically forward incoming faxes to 4 different fax numbers.
  • Exclusion List
    Create your own exclusion list for storing opt-out and undeliverable fax numbers.
  • Fax mail merge
    Send out faxes using fax mail merge.
  • Very dependable and highly robust service
    Innoport Fax service has been field proven for over a decade.
  • High Throughput
    Innoport's fax service is capable of handling large volume transactions.
  • Industry Verticals
    Innoport's fax service has one of the most comprehensive suite of secure fax solutions for the healthcare, legal, insurance, financial and other compliance dependant industries.