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Innoport Internet Fax service

Internet fax service from Innoport brings the power and savings of internet faxing to your personal computer and handheld device. Receive and send faxes with nothing more than a broadband or dial-up connection to the internet. No telephone lines, fax modems or additional software required.

Subscribe to Innoport for a reliable internet fax solution that delivers your fax via email right away and sends faxes on command. Your fax sending options include web fax or email to fax. Need a solution to send faxes from applications or your webforms? Look no further as we even provide APIs to integrate faxing in to your applications.

Internet fax sending through Innoport is quick and painless. You can send faxes from your account online with web fax. All you need is a web browser and your internet connection. Using email to fax, faxes are sent directly from your email account, so your internet connection plus your email program are the only requirements for this internet fax sending tool. Click here to learn more about sending faxes with our internet fax services.

Receive faxes just as easily. Anytime a fax is sent to the personal fax number for your account, Innoport forwards the fax to your email in either PDF or TIF format. You select the format which you prefer. You may even have faxes forwarded to up to four email accounts. Turn on notification to receive a text message alert on any wireless device with internet accessibility. Click here to learn more about receiving faxes with our internet fax services.

Sign up for Innoport today and experience the ultimate in unified communications.