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Toll Free Voicemail Service by Innoport

Toll free voicemail service from Innoport gives you universal access to voice messages. Our reliable 800 voicemail service makes it easier for customers to reach you and ensures that you get your messages quicker. With faster response time in returning calls to customers and prospects using Innoport's enhanced 800 voicemail services, you won't lose out to the competition!

Subscribe to Innoport's Toll Free service plan and receive a personal, virtual toll free number that may be dedicated as a voicemail line. Our 800 voicemail service allows you to receive simultaneous calls to avoid busy signals and does not limit the number of messages your voicemail box accepts. When a caller leaves a voicemail, you may dial in to listen to the message or you may receive the voicemail in your email as a digital audio file in WAV format. Turn on notification options to receive text message alerts on your wireless device whenever a new voicemail is waiting.

You may record a personalized greeting for your toll free number and change the greeting as often as you wish. Instead of using your account for messaging, choose to use your toll free number as an announcement line in which callers would listen to your outgoing greeting and are immediately disconnected afterwards. Click here to learn more about our toll free voicemail service.

For more advanced 800 voicemail services, such as a toll free auto attendant number with multiple voicemail boxes, our Corporate service plan may be the right package for you. Click here to learn more about our virtual office solutions.

A toll free number will be sure to increase sales for your business! 800 numbers serve as an effective marketing tool that all businesses stand to benefit from. Not only do toll free numbers build trust, but they also help small businesses project a more professional image.

Select a vanity 800 number for your account. Spell a word that relates to your business or let us know a combination of letters and numbers that you would like to be present and we'll help you find a toll free number that fits your criteria.

Sign up for Innoport today and experience the ultimate in unified communications.