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Innoport Virtual Office Phone System

An office phone system is one of the most important purchases any business has to make. Often times, a call to your company is the first and perhaps even the only contact a person has with your business. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, your office phone system may be your greatest advantage in turning a sales lead into a customer.

Whether you're considering a new office phone system or starting a new business, Innoport's unified communications suite will simplify your purchase decision. Our combined hosted PBX, voice mail and fax solution will provide you with a professional and affordable virtual office phone system that's filled with first-class features you wouldn't find in a traditional office phone system.

Innoport acts as a central point for all incoming calls and faxes. Eliminate the need for purchasing and maintaining expensive PBX equipment and fax machines. All you need on site are telephone numbers, be it POTS, VoIP or cell phone, for calls to be forwarded to and for you to make outgoing calls. You can even cut out the cost of holding separate fax lines.

Sign up for Innoport and receive a dedicated, virtual telephone number that accepts voice calls as well as faxes. Innoport automatically distinguishes between the two. This is the only number for your business you will ever need to give out. Set up an auto attendant with a main greeting to transfer callers to different departments or people (e.g., "...If you know the extension for the party you wish to reach, please dial it at anytime. For Sales, press or say 1. For Support, press or say 2...."). When an extension or menu option is selected, use find me/follow me to forward the call through a routing sequence of up to 5 phone numbers until the call is picked up. Unanswered calls return to your Innoport voice mail. You personalize the greeting for your voice mailbox and you can retrieve voice mail messages left by your callers via email or by phone. Aside from dialing in to access messages, voice mail to email delivers messages to your email as audio files in WAV format, so you can listen to the messages off of your computer using just about any standard audio player.

Innoport is an advanced, virtual office phone system that includes features such as speech recognition for understanding spoken commands in addition to touch tone responses, dial by name and full listing directory assistance, a hold function, custom music on hold, call screening to prompt callers to announce themselves and live extension transfer to pass a caller to another extension on your Innoport office phone system or to an external telephone number altogether.

If your current office phone system already has PBX capabilities, Innoport can even seamlessly route calls into an extension on your existing PBX, giving you the latest and greatest enhancements without obsoleting your sunk investment.

Any faxes coming into your Innoport number would be sent to your email as a PDF or TIF attachment. You can assign up to four email address(es) for simultaneous message delivery. Innoport also lets you send faxes online from your Innoport account or directly from your email account. Inside your Innoport account, you receive an activity log storing the last 30 days of fax and voice mail messages.

This complete office phone system is available with the Innoport Jump Start and Standard Corporate Business service plans. Sign up now!