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Innoport Auto Attendant service

Auto attendant service from Innoport brings you a powerful interactive voice response (IVR) system for routing calls from a main company phone number to the extension of an appropriate person or department in your organization. Our auto attendant solution offers comprehensive voice mail message delivery options along with advanced call forwarding features which can route calls to up to five different phone numbers per extension, which would ring in a predefined sequence.

Carry out the responsibilities of a receptionist in an automated fashion. Innoport's speech enhanced auto attendant allows callers to choose menu options either through the convenience of natural voice commands or by using the touch tone keys on their keypad (e.g., "Press or say 1 for Sales, 2 for Support ... "). Let your customers hear different auto attendant greetings during business hours versus after hours. Greetings can be produced by recording over the phone, by uploading audio files or by simulating a natural sounding voice from call script text that you type online. Web administration puts you in control of managing and changing your setting configurations 24 hours a day.

Small and medium size businesses (SMB) can now enjoy all the advantages of a large enterprise telephone set up with a smart auto attendant solution that operates with no equipment installations and no telecommunication lines. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a cost-prohibitive PBX system, choose a scalable solution that's affordable! Expand to any number of voice mail boxes that branch from a single, virtual phone number that accepts simultaneous calls.

This virtual office auto attendant suite is well suited to fit any number of business case scenarios. Small businesses, such as entrepreneurs growing from a one person shop, start ups and small office / home office (SOHO) set ups, gain from a telephone system that imparts on customers the impression of a big business image. Remote work forces can build a central office in minutes. Establish a main business number where customers can call and still be connected to any one of your geographically dispersed workers (e.g., Pressing 1 for Sales can route the caller to a sales specialist located anywhere). Any size businesses can use our auto attendant as a call center solution for transferring sales and support calls to customer service or field representatives. With find me / follow me schedules that you create, you can always switch the call center agents who take the calls for any particular time.

The cost justification for this service is easy. Your Innoport auto attendant solution can pay for itself with the sale from as little as just one customer you might ordinarily have missed! Click here to learn more about our auto attendant solution.

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