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Unified Communications

Make a lifestyle change.

What is Innoport Unified Communications?

Unified Communications services from Innoport is a hosted solution that integrates fax, voice and email communications for businesses worldwide. In a world where the amount and source of communications are ever increasing, businesses and individuals are constantly challenged with effectively managing, processing and reacting to such communications in a timely fashion. Innoport is the answer to such a challenge.

Who uses Innoport Unified Communications?

From Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietors, Innoport caters to all size of businesses and individuals. Our vision and resolve to bring the same message and communication management technologies to every segment of the population has led us to create very thoughtful and affordable service plans. Click here to view the available service plans.

What can Innoport Unified Communications do for me?

Unified Communications services from Innoport are based on the premise that if someone has access to the internet, they should have access to all their communications. Innoport provides personal telephone numbers to every subscriber, which becomes the single source for receiving faxes and voice mails directly into their email accounts. Furthermore, the same number can serve as a find me / follow me number, whereby it can connect the caller to the subscriber wherever they are. This amazing power allows individuals to remain on the go, whether for business or pleasure, yet remain in touch with the rest of the world. On a larger scale, the same unified communications capabilities of Innoport can be integrated within a virtual office, call center or a contact center to efficiently manage the inbound calls, all managed through an easy to use web interface with real-time updates. Innoport also allows users to send faxes via email or to integrate its highly scalable and robust infrastructure for fax sending through the Fax API.

Unified Communications is the holy grail of communications. Innoport is a trailblazer when it comes to chasing that holy grail by delivering solutions that are unmatched in quality, reliability and innovation. Businesses have saved significant costs and at the same time, improved the quality of their communications with their customers and suppliers using Innoport.

Sign up for Innoport today and experience the ultimate in unified communications.