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Innoport Unified Communications for Telecommuting Employees

Telecommuting can offer a business and its workforce many advantages, including reduced or zero real estate costs, better time utilization, improved work-life balance and of course, lower commuting expenses. However, telecommuting is only successful when telecommuting employees are afforded the right technology and resources to keep them as productive as they would typically be in a physical office location.

Innoport facilitates telecommuting by providing a suite of unified communications tools that allow telecommuting employees to operate remotely. With Innoport's hosted PBX solution, working from home can be completely transparent to anyone external to the business or organization. Centralize a virtual office environment through one number that serves as the main company number. With this virtual number, you can create an auto attendant with multiple mailbox extensions branching from it. Design your own call scripts (e.g., "... if you know the extension of the party you wish to reach, please dial it at anytime. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, ...") and play different greetings during business hours and after hours. When an extension or menu option is selected, calls can be forwarded to the telecommuting employee through a routing sequence of up to 5 phone numbers, so the telecommuting employee is reachable anywhere - home phone, cell phone, or perhaps even a hotel number!

Innoport's hosted PBX gives the impression of a professional office telephone system with such features as a hold function, music-on-hold and live extension transfer to pass a caller to another extension or to an external telephone number altogether, so calls can be seamlessly handed off from one telecommuting employee to another. Other advanced features include call screening to prompt callers to announce themselves, a call routing schedule for predefining separate forwarding patterns during different day a nd time spans and incoming call identifier to distinguish between calls directly to a number versus calls routed from Innoport.

Accessibility to all messages is another key success factor in a telecommuting arrangement. Innoport gives telecommuting employees universal access to voicemail messages by allowing them to not only dial in to check voicemail messages, but to also listen to messages off of their computer. Once a message is left, Innoport delivers the voicemail message via email as an audio file attachment in WAV format.

An Innoport phone number can also act as a fax number. Innoport automatically detects between a voice call and fax signal, so callers do not have to press any additional keys. Telecommuting employees can receive faxes to their email in PDF or TIF format. Because Innoport delivers messages in common file formats, there is typically no software to install as most PC's are equipped with standard applications to open the message attachments. Plus, messages can be easily forwarded to others for review. In addition, Innoport also allows telecommuting employees to send faxes through the internet without the need for software or a telephone line. Faxes can be sent through an online account or directly from an email address. Click here to learn more about our fax services.

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