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Any of our plans can be used for business, home office or personal use.
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Why Innoport?

We service businesses of all sizes, from startups and small to medium size businesses all the way to Fortune 500 enterprises, and we have customers in just about every industry vertical, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and real estate. As an example, our U.S. customers have included (several are U. S. publicly listed companies):

  • the nation's largest healthcare company;
  • one of the largest banks;
  • one of the largest private universities;
  • one of the world's well-known theme parks;
  • the largest provider of integrated building services in North America;
  • a leading national car rental company;
  • a leading index and ratings company;
  • a leading social and cloud marketing company;
  • a global IT and business process services firm;
  • a large sytems integrator for public and private sector;
  • hundreds of entities in healthcare / medical industry.

Additionally, our customers have also included several government agencies as well as non-profit organizations (including successfully concluded four year engagement with a Department of Defense subcontractor). While the majority of our customers are in the U.S., our customers have included representation from over 45 countries worldwide. Besides businesses, we, of course, welcome individuals to use our services as well to better manage their communications and we provide them with the same level of support and customer care as we do our business customers.