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Cloud Network Fax Server by Innoport

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Innoport invites you to experience a network fax server solution with no on-site equipment, no telecommunications lines and no software installations. As an alternative to implementing a costly network fax server on premise, you can be up and running in minutes using Innoport as your network fax server solution. Simply sign up for Innoport online and get personal fax numbers for your staff instantly. And rather than having to plan months in advance for new network fax servers to keep up with your growing capacity, Innoport scales seamlessly and instantly at far less than hardware-based network fax server solutions. All the while, you'll be saving money and operating maintenance-free so you can focus on your core competencies. Without doubt, you'll see an immediate return on your investment using Innoport.

With Innoport's network fax server solution, each user with a personal fax number receives faxes to his/her email account in PDF or TIF format, preserving the privacy of the document. For additional security, your staff can choose to receive their faxes as encrypted PDF fax documents. Advantages of Innoport's network fax server solution include simultaneous call acceptance to avoid busy signals and fax distribution in up to four email accounts per fax number for receiving multiple copies of each fax. Plus, users have access to an online activity log that stores the last 30 days of their faxes for direct download. Online fax sending is also included for sending faxes from the web or directly from an email account. Click here to learn more about Innoport's internet fax services.

Because faxes are delivered to you in common file formats and fax sending is handled through the web or via email, there is absolutely no hardware necessary and no additional software to install in order to send and receive faxes. The open standards of our fax service prevents any installation conflicts from arising and allows users to forward the files to other parties without forcing them to install proprietary software in order to view the fax documents. For an enterprise environment, our Business service plans provides an administrative account for managing configuration changes for all users, overseeing activity, viewing usage reports and adding more fax numbers instantly. Click here for more on our Business service plans.

Sign up for Innoport today and experience the ultimate alternative to on-premise network fax servers.