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HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging by Innoport

Hospitals, banks and law offices depend on Innoport's secure fax service.

HIPAA compliant instant messaging service from Innoport helps to protect sensitive communications with industry leading encryption. Increased productivity and turnaround time is a critical component for providers of high quality healthcare. Instant Messaging along with the availability of desktop notifications offers a convenient option to conduct real-time secure chat between multiple parties in a multi-tab interface.

Customers using the Innoport service for transmission of any Protected Health Information (PHI) under the U.S. HIPAA regulations must add the Healthcare Add-On (offered on both Personal and Business plans), which offers the protections of an Intellicomm HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA).

Innoport Messenger (IM)
HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging
As listed on this page, Innoport offers a secure instant messaging service. However, it is the responsibility of each Innoport customer to ensure that the customer's particular data protection needs are met by configuring and/or using the appropriate security settings in the customer's Innoport account.


Our fax and voicemail customers can also get a real-time notification of received messages on their desktop and Innoport Messenger.

Desktop fax notification
Instant Messaging voicemail notification

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