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Innoport Disaster Recovery Communication Solution

Telephone Disaster Recovery - a revolutionary idea whose time has come. A well laid out disaster recovery plan carefully assesses risk and prioritizes between critical and non-critical functions. For any business, communications should be at the top of the list. This key component is the lifeline separating you and the rest of the world - existing customers, sales prospects, suppliers and even internal personnel.

When catastrophe strikes, be it a natural disaster or an operational failure, existing customers should be well aware that you're still in business. At the same time, you'll want to avoid the risk of losing out on new opportunities. Incorporating Innoport's unified communications solution into your disaster recovery plan will alleviate telecommunication and fax disruptions, so you can conduct business as usual should service on your telco lines become affected.

With the flexibility of our hosted PBX service, you can create an enterprise-level emergency backup phone and voicemail system complete with custom mailbox extensions for each staff member. Design your own call scripts and set up an auto attendant with menu options (e.g., 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, etc.) for transferring calls to different offices or departments. Personalized mailbox greetings, music-on-hold, live extension transfer, and find by name and full listing directory assistance all add to the power and richness that Innoport's hosted PBX service delivers.

In many cases, Innoport's hosted PBX service can be used as a backup PBX to mirror your in-house PBX system, allowing callers to reach your staff on the same extensions. This essentially creates a seamless transition that you can cut over to should your in-house PBX unexpectedly go down. If employees can operate off of cell phones or remote telephone lines during the disaster, calls can be fo rwarded from each extension, so you can continue to hold live conversations. Innoport find me / follow me lets you forward calls through a routing sequence of up to 5 phone numbers until the call gets picked up.

Giving information and updates about your current situation may be a consideration for your disaster recovery plan. Innoport's hosted PBX service will allow you to create an announcement mailbox solely intended for this purpose.

Hosted PBX capabilities are available with the Innoport Jump Start and Standard Corporate Business service plans. All of our plans include personal phone numbers that serve as both a voice and fax number or may be designated for use as just one or the other. These numbers accept simultaneous calls to avoid busy signals. If your number is set for both voice and fax, Innoport automatically distinguishes between a voice call and fax signal, so callers do not have to press any additional keys. Any faxes to your number are sent to your email as attachments in your option of PDF or TIF format. You may designate any email address for receiving messages and you can even assign up to four email accounts per phone number for simultaneous message delivery.

Even if your data connection goes down during the disaster situation, Innoport will not only continue to accept calls, but voicemail and fax messages will continue to be collected and stored in your online activity log for 30 days. When you regain internet access, you can log into your account online and pick up messages you've missed during the affected period.

Planning for disaster recovery can often times become a cumbersome expense. But with Innoport, you can easily manage your communications during emergencies without allocating a large sum towards disaster recovery. Innoport is a business continuity solution that will not only provide you with transparency and professionalism, but it will also keep you in business.

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