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Innoport Messenger

Web based secure instant messaging from Innoport allows you to communicate securely and instantly without any additional software to download. Innoport Instant Messenger uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to secure all communications. SSL encryption prevents eavesdropping and tampering of messages over networks and over the Internet.

Innoport Messenger supports tabbed messaging which allows you to switch between conversations by clicking on the tab.

Get control of your text messaging using Innoport's administrator account. This allows the administrator to control which account in your company can use the Innoport Instant Messenger.

Innoport Messenger (IM)
When it comes to exchanging sensitive or routine business communication, our secure instant messaging service offers you the assurance that the contents of your text messages to your associate or colleague under the same business service plan are transmitted securely and encrypted over the Internet. Our secure instant messaging solution is ideal for collaborative corporate communications.


Our fax and voicemail customers can also get a real-time notification of received messages on their desktop and Innoport Messenger.

Desktop fax notification
Instant Messaging voicemail notification

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