Innoport Online Fax service

Online fax incorporates the concept of sending as well as receiving faxes via an internet connected computer. Innoport offers the industry's leading suite of online fax services.

Subscribe to Innoport and use your account for online fax sending and receiving services. Our reliable online fax service requires neither fax modems nor telephone lines. Obtain a personal, virtual fax number instantly through Innoport and start receiving faxes in your email. Instead of having to wait by the fax machine, Innoport's fax to email capability brings faxes directly to you, so you can receive faxes in the office, at home or anywhere else you have online access. You may designate any email address for message delivery and you can even assign up to four email accounts to receive simultaneous copies of each fax.

Once a fax is sent to your number, you receive an email message from Innoport containing your fax document. Your fax is attached to the email in PDF or TIF format. You select between one or the other. Turn on the embedded fax option if you wish to preview the entire first page of the fax within the email body. Click here to learn more about receiving faxes with our online fax services.

With your Innoport account, you can also fax online from anywhere without the need for software! Fax sending is available with select service plans. These plans allow you to send faxes from your Innoport account online using web fax or from your email account using email to fax. Click here to learn more about sending faxes with our online fax services.

Sign up for Innoport today and experience the ultimate in unified communications.