Innoport Voice Mail service

Online voice mail service from Innoport offers universal access to your voice messages. Retrieve voice mail anywhere by phone or through your internet connection.

Subscribe to Innoport to obtain a personal, virtual voice mail number instantly. With no limit or restrictions on the number of messages your voice mail box can handle, you never have to worry about callers being unable to leave a message due to a full mail box. Personalize the outgoing greeting for your number and when a voice message is left for you, you receive the voice mail to your email as a digital audio file in WAV format. Because WAV is a common file format, you can open the voice mails using any standard audio player.

Designate any email address for message delivery and even assign up to four email accounts to receive simultaneous copies of each voice mail. Instead of receiving the voice mail to your email, change your settings to receive just an email notification. Upon being notified, either download the voice mail from your account online or dial in to your own number and listen to the message over the telephone. If your cell phone or pager is connected to the internet, you can even add the email address tied to your wireless device for message delivery in order to receive a text message alert each time a voice mail is received. Click here to learn more about our voice mail to email offering.

Whether you need a single voice mail box or multiple voice mail boxes, Innoport has a solution to fit your needs. Select a plan with a toll free voice mail number in order to project a more professional image for your business. Take advantage of the auto attendant service included with the Business service plans to create a highly flexible and affordable virtual PBX solution. Complete with call transfer to different voice mail box extensions, it's similar to having a receptionist, only without human intervention! Click here to learn more about our virtual office solutions.

Sign up for Innoport today and experience the ultimate in unified communications.