Find me / follow me service for call forwarding
Virtual phone number for call forwarding anywhere
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Enhanced call forwarding through find me / follow me service
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End Games of Phone Tag

Enhanced call forwarding finds you in the office, on the road and at home.
  • Ring up to 5 phone numbers
    Numbers route in order until the call is picked up. Unanswered calls go to Innoport voice mail.
  • Set call pattern schedules
    Change sequences online for different days and times.
  • Screen calls
    Prompt callers to announce themselves. Choose to accept call or redirect to voice mail.

Mask Private Numbers

Your personal Innoport
phone number is
the last number you
will ever need to give out.
Virtual phone number to route calls
Find me / follow me
call forwarding service fits:
  • Road warriors
  • Small office / home office (SOHO) professionals
  • Remote workers
  • Inbound call center agents
Looking for a temporary, disposable virtual phone number?
  • No monthly fee. Get a temporary virtual phone number with local, international call forwarding.  
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